Summer Activities You Must Do in Washington State

By Acme Homes 8-20-2020

The Pacific Northwest is on nearly all avid beauty and adventure seekers bucket-lists. And it is no wonder why! Washington state and the surrounding areas are teeming with serene landscapes and majestic wildlife. We know this all too well. Afterall, that is exactly why Acme Homes chooses Washington state to call home.

And while 2020 has been fraught with disappointments, one thing that never disappoints is nature. That is why we have compiled a list of must-do Washington activities that you can safely enjoy with your family before the Summer is through!

Beach Going

The beaches along the Washington coast are some of the best of the best. If you want to have a day filled with endless activities, this is the one for you!

Aside from simply basking in the beauty of the ocean meeting the shore, there is tons more to do around the beach. For example, you can comb the shore for shells, beach glass, and other treasures that may have washed up. You can take a leisurely stroll down the coast. You can explore caves and tide pools to witness the unique creatures that inhabit the region. Or if you are a seafood lover, your day can involve fishing or crab catching.

Be sure to plan accordingly for your day out by dressing in layers, wearing the appropriate footwear, and checking tide conditions before you go.

Day Hiking

Hiking is a popular activity for locals and visitors alike. Why, Mount Rainier alone offers one endless trail to explore. Whether you are interested in hiking a few hours, or dawn till dusk, you are bound to find something that calls to you. Resources such as AllTrails and Washington Trail Association offer comprehensive guides for the trails around the state. There you can find ratings on the trail difficulty, general hike duration, and descriptions of the sites you may see along the way.

Star Gazing

Washington state offers rich city life in many areas, but there are plenty of places where you can escape the hustle and bustle for some enjoyable star gazing. Whether or not you are an astronomer, stargazing is a pure joy. You can plan the best nights to enjoy this activity by downloading a current sky map and scheduling accordingly. There are also several astronomical societies such as in, Tacoma and Seattle, where you can visit their sites to see if they are hosting any socially distanced events. In addition, you can also check out your closest observatory and take advantage of their telescopes in order to take your star gazing to the next level.