Invite Birds to Your Yard with These Tips

By Acme Homes 6-17-2022

At Acme Homes we build our homes throughout beautiful Snohomish County in Washington. Our communities are built into the landscape that surrounds them and designed so that you can enjoy the surrounding environment as well. Snohomish county is home to a stunning array of birds from yellow-rumped warblers, to violet green swallows, to purple finches, and much more. If you want to observe and care for the beautiful local fauna, here are some ways to invite them to your backyard.

Offer Them Some Snacks

If you want to bring colorful birds to your yard, the best place to start is with setting out bird feeders. There are several different types of feeders to choose from and some are designed to hold specific types of food. Some hang from trees, some stand on perches, and some can be suspended from windows in order to view birds up close.

Beware that bird feeders are popular places for squirrels to grab a bite to eat as well. Squirrels can be entertaining to watch but if they are unwelcome in your yard, be sure to look for bird feeders that specifically say that they keep squirrels out.

Give Them Flowers

Many brightly colored birds are also pollinators, which means that they love flowers. Hummingbirds, orioles, woodpeckers, robins, and more enjoy a good bit of nectar from flowers like bee balm, honeysuckle, and coneflowers. Provide them seeds with sunflowers and fruiting plants like raspberry bushes and grape vines are bird fan favorites as well.

Offer Them a Drink

In addition to food sources, birds also need reliable sources of water. Moving water is particularly attractive to birds, like fountains or streams, but shallow bird baths are also great. Aside from offering birds places to drink clean water from, they will also be provided bathing opportunities. And is there anything cuter than a bird splashing around in a bath?

Provide Nesting Options

In addition to food and drink, birds will be drawn to your yard if you give them nesting options. This can look like bushes or shrubs, bird houses, or even just laying nesting materials out in your yard.