The Truth About Controlling Pests

By Acme Homes 2-18-2022

At Acme Homes, we know that your home is your haven. When it is cold out, you are cozy inside. When you want to enjoy a meal, all your favorite ingredients are there. The problem is that what you enjoy about being home is likely what pests enjoy about your home as well. There is no shortage of misconceptions when it comes to home pest control. We want to separate the myths from the facts so that you can properly prevent and eradicate pests, if needed.

If You Have Pests, It Means Your Home Is Dirty

Probably one of the biggest fears revolving around pests is the fear that pests only set up in dirty homes. The truth is that pests can show up even in the cleanest of homes. There are many things that can attract pests, but just because you have fallen victim to them does not mean you are failing at keeping a clean home. Pests are tricky and resourceful, so don’t take it personally if pests want to call your home their own.

Rodent Poison Is Better Than a Trap

At a glance, rodent poison seems like a set it and forget it solution. The pests eat the poison, go off and die, and are no longer your problem. But where do you think they are dying? In reality, poison can take a few days to work on rodents and when they go off and die, their decomposing body leaves behind foul smells in your home. If you are not a fan of playing hide and seek, traps may be a simpler and more humane option.

Mice Cannot Resist Cheese

Images of mice greedy for cheese lives as a part of all our collective memories. This is largely thanks to the cartoons we watched as children. So, when setting traps, it makes sense that the first treat you think to set out is likely cheese. The truth is, however, that cheese is not the most tempting food for mice. Studies show that mice prefer sweet and high carb foods. So, if you want your trap to be successful, setting it up with some high calorie peanut butter is a better choice.

Out Of Sight, Out of Mind

If you have seen evidence left behind by pests but have not seen any pests themselves, it may be tempting to assume that they packed up and moved on. The reality is more likely that they are just good at hiding. If you have noticed traces that pests are present, make sure to take action sooner rather than later. And don’t forget that you do not have to handle the situation alone. Call an exterminator to assess the situation and to provide solutions.