How to Protect Your Roof This Winter

By Acme Homes 1-16-2020

Washington state not only enjoys a diverse landscape but also a rejuvenating four seasons. One of those being, of course, Winter. Along with hot cocoa and toasty fires, Winter presents specific challenges for homeowners. Today, Acme Homes wants to help prepare you for the potential hazards Winter may bring upon your roof. Here are 3 ways you can protect your roof this season.

Clear Your Gutters

Gutters are integral to the overall health of your home. This is because gutters work to divert water away from your siding and your home’s foundation in order to prevent damage. During the Autumn, leaves fall and often collect in your gutters. If you do not take the time to clear your gutters of debris before snow and ice form, serious issues can arise. Issues such as ice dams and roof leaks. So, save yourself a headache and make sure to clean your gutters.

Add Insulation

Another way to combat the aforementioned ice dams, is to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of insulation in your attic. Most professionals recommend no less than R-38. Hiring a professional to assess your insulation is ideal. This way, not only can they add the suitable amount of insulation, but they can also pinpoint leaks and drafts and be sure those are taken care of.

Protect Pipes

In some homes, water pipes are located in the ceiling. If this is the case in your home, it is especially crucial that you have these checked regularly for problems. But regardless of where your water pipes are, make sure that you keep them wrapped properly. On especially cold days, you can keep your cabinets open as well to allow the warm air from your home to reach your pipes. And the old adage also holds true, leave your faucets dripping to prevent freezing.

These are three simple solutions you can put to use this Winter season. And hopefully you can save yourself the immense inconvenience of having to repair your roof during the colder months. For more useful information, be sure to check out our other blogs. And for some home inspiration, feel free to browse our Acme Homes gallery.