Window Cleaning Tips

By Acme Homes 7-31-2020

When you tour an Acme Home or browse our gallery, you are sure to notice the large number of windows throughout the space. Located in such stunning areas of Washington, it is no wonder why. It would simply be a shame to not allow the bountiful beauty surrounding our communities to shine through. Whether you are in an Acme Home or not, one thing is true. Windows get dirty. Summertime is an excellent time of year to take advantage of window cleaning, and we want to share a few helpful tips with you so you can get the job done easy.

Schedule According to the Weather

One of the best favors you can do yourself before starting on this chore is to check the weather first. Why? Well, have you ever had to contend with stubborn streaks being left behind on your windows? This happens when your cleaner dries quicker than you can remove it. Especially when working on the outside of your home, you can save yourself frustration by choosing to clean on a day when it is not too hot.

Get Your Tools Together

In the culinary world, many are familiar with the crucial act of mise en place. This is a term that means to have everything in its place before you begin cooking. And the same principle can help you when cleaning your windows. Particularly in houses with tall, difficult to reach windows, having all your tools easily accessible can save you time and keep you safe. So, be sure to take the time to get your cleaner, buckets, ladder, and squeegee ready from the start. Even still, be sure to work safely when dealing with heights by not extending further than is safe and by taking the time to move the ladder when necessary.

Prep the Surface

For many of us, we do not have the time to thoroughly clean our windows on a regular basis. Over the period in between cleanings, our windows accumulate dirt and debris. Because of this, it is important to clear the surface of dirt and grime before really cleaning. If you have a handheld vacuum at your disposal, this is an excellent tool to get the job done.

And there you have it! No doubt you will be pleased at the difference spotless windows can make to your home. For more household tips and tricks, be sure to browse the rest of our blogs.