Make the Most of the Nature Around You

By Acme Homes 6-28-2019

Summer brings beautiful weather that allows for you to be able to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer. There several places that offer beautiful scenery and places to get away from the daily rind and grind of things, but few are as diverse as Washington. With mountains, forest, seaside, and beautiful greenery there isn’t much that it doesn’t have. This makes it a prime location to live with so much that is offers. Acme Homes has communities in this beautiful state and builds homes in a way that invites nature into your space. What are some activities that you can enjoy this summer?


There are so many different trails that are just down the road from your home in Snohomish, WA. This means that after a long day at work you’re able to take a moment for yourself just outside your front door. Listening to the beautiful songs of the birds, you can clear your mind and breathe in the fresh air that Washington weather brings. Not to mention the amazing health benefits of being outdoors and staying active. It greatly helps and improve your mental health and keeps you physically fit. With the kids out of school these are great many adventures that you can take them on.


With Washington you have your pick of the lot as to where you want to take a hike. In the depths of the trees or across the shores of the beach. Our homes are built with only a 30-minute drive to the beach. You’re never too far from sticking your toes in the sand. The beaches here offer a coastline that meets the forest, giving you the best of both worlds. With the beach so close you’ll want to keep a packed bag that will allow you to grab and go when you’re feeling like you need an ocean breeze and sand in between your toes. The kids can build sandcastles, play sports, or dive into the ocean with a little drive from home.

Acme Homes has built many homes that people love because of the quality that we built to and where we build. Who wouldn’t love mountains and ocean side by side for the location? Call us today to see the homes we have available or to get a tour. Our job is providing you a house to make a home. We have been successfully doing this since 2006 with 100% customer satisfaction! Call today or fill out the online request form!