How to Prevent Oven Fires

By Acme Homes 3-16-2022

One of the biggest threats to home safety are house fires. And statistically, house fires most commonly break out in the kitchen. A great deal of these fires stem from the oven. Help keep your family safe and prevent oven fires with the tips and suggestions.

Clean and Service Your Oven

An oven that is not in good repair holds the potential to start a fire. That is why having your oven professionally serviced once a year can help eliminate that risk. It is also good practice to clean up any bits of fallen food after every use. If you leave food waste behind, they can burn and catch fire quickly.

Do Not Leave Home with the Oven On

Especially if you are slow cooking something for most of the day, it can be tempting to leave the house with the oven on. Or maybe you just need to grab milk from the store really quick and don’t see the danger in doing so. But leaving the house with the oven on removes your ability to sense if something is off. If you are home and a fire strikes, you will be able to see the smoke or smell the burning and hopefully you will be able to neutralize the fire before it becomes too big.

Cover Food That Could Splatter

When fat and grease contact the heating elements in your stove, a fire could break out at any moment. To combat this, simply place a lid or cover over dishes that are likely to splatter. It doesn’t hurt that doing this will save you time when cleaning up as well.

In summary, if you keep your oven cleaned, serviced, and attended, you can greatly reduce the risk of a fire.

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