Aesthetic Options for Your Garage Floor

By Acme Homes 5-18-2021

Most standard garage floors consist of concrete slabs. Which makes sense because concrete is a durable, neutrally colored material. But if you are interested in spicing up the aesthetic of your garage, you might consider starting with your floors! There are several ways you can change the look of your garage flooring and here is a few of them for you to consider.


Whether you just want to switch up the color of your flooring or want to cover up stains resulting from oil or rust, painting is a great option. Concrete floor paints are either oil or latex based and are formulated to have a hardy non-slip finish.


Not to be confused with epoxy paint, an epoxy coating is an attractive, resin-based topcoat for your floor. It can be applied like floor paint with a paint roller but does require a curing process. It is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and the result is tough, stain resistant, and non-slip.


For an easy option that requires no preparation, floor mats are excellent. These can simply be rolled over existing concrete for an immediate style boost. They typically come as rubber or polyvinyl plastic and in an array of sizes, colors, and textures.


Arranging tiles over your old concrete flooring is also an aesthetically pleasing option. Plastic, rubber, or wood composite tiles are the materials you want to go for as these are the ones that will be tough enough to support things like vehicles. These kinds of tiles come in a wide range of styles and have an interlocking pattern for easy installation.

Even if your garage is utilitarian in nature, it does not mean it can’t have a bit of personality! Perhaps your next home project can be switching up your garage flooring using one of these methods.

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