How to Properly Dust Your Home

By Acme Homes 5-13-2022

Dust is a blanket term for multiple things, mainly, pet dander, dead skin cells, pollen and lint. All these things combined create that white film on the surfaces in our homes that we are all familiar with. Regularly dusting your home will keep allergens at bay... [read more]

Bulbs to Plant This Spring for Showy Summer Blooms

By Acme Homes 4-18-2022

For the ultimate set it and forget it surprise, take an afternoon this spring to plant some summer bulbs. If you do, you can enjoy weeks of bright and showy displays thanks to a few hours of work. Here are the best bulbs to plant now... [read more]

How to Prevent Oven Fires

By Acme Homes 3-16-2022

One of the biggest threats to home safety are house fires. And statistically, house fires most commonly break out in the kitchen. A great deal of these fires stem from the oven. Help keep your family safe and prevent oven fires with the tips and suggestions.

... [read more]

The Truth About Controlling Pests

By Acme Homes 2-18-2022

At Acme Homes, we know that your home is your haven. When it is cold out, you are cozy inside. When you want to enjoy a meal, all your favorite ingredients are there. The problem is that what you enjoy about being home is... [read more]

Know the Difference Between Mortgage Insurance and Homeowner Insurance

By Acme Homes 1-19-2022

At Acme Homes, we love helping first time homebuyers navigate the confusing world of purchasing a home. Afterall, the home buying process is rife with new and cryptic terminology that can be difficult to make sense of at first. Two terms that you are... [read more]

Household Items that are Surprisingly Dirty

By Acme Homes 12-10-2021

No doubt, you have a regular cleaning routine. Which is great! Having a regular cleaning routine ensures that maintaining your home never gets too overwhelming. Even still, there are some things around your home that you just may not think to clean. Or at least it... [read more]

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Around the House

By Acme Homes 11-24-2021

Most people have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide lying around the house. It’s really great for first aid purposes. But did you know that hydrogen peroxide can also be used around your home? It’s true and the team at Acme Homes is going to... [read more]

Subtle Places You Can Sneak a Pop of Color Into Your Home

By Acme Homes 10-25-2021

Trends come and go, and your personal style may change. If you want to still indulge in color trends or colors that make you happy right now but are nervous about committing with a full accent wall, there is another solution. Here are a few ways... [read more]

Things You Should Not Store in the Bathroom

By Acme Homes 9-22-2021

At Acme Homes we ensure to build dreamy bathrooms that are both functional and enjoyable to relax in. Just visit our gallery for a peak at what we mean. But while the bathroom can be a great place to store toiletries, it is not... [read more]

How to Caulk Your Windows Properly

By Acme Homes 8-13-2021

As summer is winding down, it’s never a bad idea to survey your property and prepare it for the cooler seasons. One of the biggest contributors to poor energy efficiency around your home are poorly sealed windows. That’s why removing old, crumbly caulk and replacing it... [read more]