3 Pesky Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

By Acme Homes 1-16-2023

Homes are our safe spaces. They are warm, and comfortable, and have all our favorite snacks. You work hard to make your home welcoming, but not to everyone! Here are some common pests that you may find in your home along with ways to get rid... [read more]

Ways to Use a Crock Pot

By Acme Homes 12-15-2022

Anyone who is a fan of set it and forget it meals knows the versatility of a crock pot, but its versatility doesn’t stop there! While you are cuddled up in your Acme Home this slow season, why not try one of these non-culinary... [read more]

Tell Tale Signs You Need to Replace a Circuit Breaker

By Acme Homes 11-15-2022

Every home in America runs on electricity. Your lights, your appliances, your gadgets, they all rely on electricity. And all that electricity passes through your home’s electrical panel to get that job done. Inside that electrical panel are many different circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are... [read more]

Avoid Making These Mistakes This Fall

By Acme Homes 10-18-2022

After a busy Summer, things start to wind down (and cool down!) during the Fall. Which makes this time of year the perfect season to tackle some bigger cleaning and maintenance tasks around the house. While you are completing your to-do list, though, avoid making these... [read more]

How to Get Equity Out of Your Home

By Acme Homes 9-19-2022

When you are in a pinch and need extra funds, cashing in the equity you have in your home is a viable option. If you are unsure on how to do just that, we’ve got you covered. Here is a step by step guide to getting... [read more]

How to Pack Dishes for a Move

By Acme Homes 8-18-2022

Packing for a move can be daunting, especially when it comes to dishes. Dishes are delicate and can break easily when jostled around in a moving truck. But if you pack them into their boxes carefully, they can make it from point A to point B... [read more]

How to Use Steel Wool Around the House

By Acme Homes 7-20-2022

Is steel wool a mainstay in your home? Steel wool has a myriad of uses from cleaning to polishing. Keeping a few of these useful steel pads around your home can make your life easier. Here are a few ways to use them.

Polish Up Garden... [read more]

Invite Birds to Your Yard with These Tips

By Acme Homes 6-17-2022

At Acme Homes we build our homes throughout beautiful Snohomish County in Washington. Our communities are built into the landscape that surrounds them and designed so that you can enjoy the surrounding environment as well. Snohomish county is home to a stunning array of... [read more]

How to Properly Dust Your Home

By Acme Homes 5-13-2022

Dust is a blanket term for multiple things, mainly, pet dander, dead skin cells, pollen and lint. All these things combined create that white film on the surfaces in our homes that we are all familiar with. Regularly dusting your home will keep allergens at bay... [read more]

Bulbs to Plant This Spring for Showy Summer Blooms

By Acme Homes 4-18-2022

For the ultimate set it and forget it surprise, take an afternoon this spring to plant some summer bulbs. If you do, you can enjoy weeks of bright and showy displays thanks to a few hours of work. Here are the best bulbs to plant now... [read more]