Bulbs to Plant This Spring for Showy Summer Blooms

By Acme Homes 4-18-2022

For the ultimate set it and forget it surprise, take an afternoon this spring to plant some summer bulbs. If you do, you can enjoy weeks of bright and showy displays thanks to a few hours of work. Here are the best bulbs to plant now to enjoy them at the height of summer.


Dahlias offer much in the way of variety. They come in almost any color you desire, and their bloom sizes range from lollipop to dinner plate. Plant them in a spot where they will receive full sun. You should start to see them spring up around midsummer. These flowers are also great to use in a floral arrangement on your dinner table.


For a showstopper, you cannot go wrong with lilies. Thanks to the tall, thin stem, lily blooms really stand out as the centerpiece. Plant these bulbs where the flowers can have their head in the sun but their feet in the shade. Most lily varieties will start to pop in early summer.

Naked Lady

Naked Ladies have many nicknames, so you may find it easier to source these bulbs under their Latin name: Amaryllis Belladonna. This flower gets its nickname thanks to its growth pattern. From spring to mid-summer, the tall stalks emerge sans flower. Once the foliage has died back, a beautiful surprise flower emerges around mid-August. With lovely shades of light pink and pleasant fragrances, this is a fun one to have in your garden. Naked ladies are drought and deer resistant and do best when planted in full sun.


For a flower that delivers height and drama, pick up some gladiolas. These stems grow tall with heights of 2-5 feet, and the blooms grow in tight columns. Plant these bulbs after the threat of frost has passed and in a sunny location. Colors range from buttery yellows, to violets, and every color in between.

All the flower varieties mentioned make exceptional cut flowers and provide dazzling flower displays all summer long. Get to planting today and enjoy the fruits of your labor without having to work in the hot sun. We can’t wait to see what you make of your Acme Homes garden!