Tell Tale Signs You Need to Replace a Circuit Breaker

By Acme Homes 11-15-2022

Every home in America runs on electricity. Your lights, your appliances, your gadgets, they all rely on electricity. And all that electricity passes through your home’s electrical panel to get that job done. Inside that electrical panel are many different circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are responsible for sending electricity to the correct place in your home when activated.

Most homeowners are familiar with their breaker box, but were you aware that circuit breakers can wear and need replacement? It’s true! Each circuit breaker has a general lifespan of 20 years, give or take. Breakers that are nearing the end of their life can contribute to irregular electrical output and pose a fire risk. That’s why you should know the telltale signs of an old circuit breaker so that you can replace it before it becomes a larger problem.

It Does Not Meet Code

Building codes change over the years. If your electrical panel was installed a while ago, check to see that the breakers are still up to code. If your circuit breakers are not equipped with ground faults or arc detection, you should replace them.

It Won’t Stay In Place

If a circuit breaker has gotten a lot of use over the years, its mobility mechanisms will deteriorate. When you turn a circuit breaker on or off, it should snap back into place. But if you have a circuit breaker that doesn’t and that has a lot of wiggle room, this is a sign that it is worn out.

It Trips Often

When the electricity in a certain part of your home goes out suddenly, that means that your circuit breaker tripped. This can happen normally from time to time, but if you are finding the breaker tripping often, it might be best to just replace it. If several of your circuit breakers are tripping regularly, it may mean that your electrical panel cannot keep up with your home’s electrical demands. If this is the case, you may want to just upgrade your electrical panel altogether.

When you buy an Acme home, it will be new from the beginning. But as the years go by and your circuit breaker becomes worn, look out for these tell tale signs that you need to do some replacing.