Avoid Making These Mistakes This Fall

By Acme Homes 10-18-2022

After a busy Summer, things start to wind down (and cool down!) during the Fall. Which makes this time of year the perfect season to tackle some bigger cleaning and maintenance tasks around the house. While you are completing your to-do list, though, avoid making these coming mistakes.

Not Being Careful with the Pressure Washer

It feels good to tidy up the house and driveway before colder weather rolls around. Blasting away Spring and Summer’s dirt and grime is certainly a satisfying activity. But don’t just start pressure washing at full force! Pressure washers are extremely powerful and not all of your home’s surfaces can stand up to high pressure, like your siding, for example. So, make sure to use a medium pressure setting and a wide spray nozzle on your siding in order to prevent unnecessary damage.

Failing to Touch Up Exterior Paint

More than just looking nice, the paint on the outside of your home serves to protect it against the elements. Since we are enjoying more pleasant temperatures now, it makes for the perfect time to touch up any chipped, peeling, or missing paint. And while you are at it, you might as well reseal any caulking that you see needs it. This will help your home stand up to harsh Winter weather in the days ahead.

Neglecting to Replace Your Furnace Filter

Furnace filters are easy to forget. Afterall the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind! But an old furnace filter is going to be clogged up with detritus from your home. This leads to a furnace that does not work efficiently at best, and at worst, it can lead to your furnace burning out from being overworked. Save yourself the cost of increased heating bills or replacements by swapping out your furnace filter now. You can do so yourself fairly easily, or you can have an HVAC technician come out and do a thorough cleaning and inspection of your furnace to make sure that it is all set and ready for Winter.

Letting Leaves Pile Up In the Gutters

And lastly, don’t forget to clean your gutters of fallen leaves and twigs. If left, these materials will clog your gutters and can lead to nasty things like foundation issues, ice dams, and rotten siding. Keep your gutter free of fallen leaves so that water can be diverted efficiently.

And there you have it! A few common mistakes that homeowners make during the Fall that you don’t have to. If you found this list helpful, take a look at our other Acme Homes blogs. From helpful tips, to design trends, and more, you’ll find it all on our blog page!